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Boundary (Attendance Area) Locator

School Boundary (Attendance Zone) Locator

How to use the interactive school boundary locator map

Find the elementary, middle and high school assigned to any address in Arlington County by following these steps:

On the left side, under “Map Tools” and “Search Tools"


1.)    Select “Find Address.”
2.)    Enter the house/building number in the box located to the right of the “Equal” field.

3.)    Enter the street name or number in the box located directly beneath.

  -For example: "Maple" or "25th"

4.)    Click on the "Look Up" button.
5.)    Select the correct street address from the drop down menu.
6.)    Click “Search."
7.)    Click on the  button to the right-side of the screen.
8.)    Click on the square Square on the map (indicating the address).
  The “More Information” screen will appear indicating the High School Boundary.
  Use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen for the elementary and middle school boundaries.

Optional: Select the school options link if you want to see all the options available.


This service is provided through the Arlington County GIS Mapping Center. GIS maintains a list of known issues with the service to help users troubleshoot problems.

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