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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!
 Mrs. Brady-Pulliam: Language Arts and Social Studies- Daily Schedule
Ms. Aboulhosn: Math and Science- Daily Schedule
Our team understands that in fourth grade students begin to define themselves in terms of opinions, beliefs and values. During this year of tireless activity and ever expanding interests, fourth graders need security, understanding, encouragement and the opportunity to excel. The classroom community provides fourth graders with opportunities to work on creative, self-initiated tasks, resolve conflicts with appropriate strategies, listen attentively and follow directions as well as assume the initiative in seeking help when needed. Our team departmentalizes so provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of ALL of our learners. We look forward to working with all fourth graders and nurturing their growth and academic discovery.
September 2015
November 2015
4th Grade Homework Policy: Your students will have homework every night. Arlington Public Schools requires that students have a maximum of 60 minutes of homework, plus an addition minimum of 30 minutes of reading. Students are expected to also practice their math facts nightly.
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