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These alternative programs address the multiple needs of pregnant and parenting teens in Arlington County and work hand-in-hand with APS counselors and administrators as well as specialized staff from the Department of Human Services. Through home visits and case management services, assistance is provided to enroll in school, to enroll their child in a licensed infant care setting, and to access community services.  Additionally, the Resource Mothers grant from the Virginia Department of Health allows Outreach Specialists to offer services to teenage families until the baby’s first birthday.
Teenage Parenting Programs celebrate recent graduates

Students work to complete requirements for a high school diploma and Teenage Parent Program staff members help pregnant and parenting students resolve barriers to stay in school until graduation.  Referrals come from school nurses, the Department of Human Services, and school or community agency personnel.


• Assist students in achieving academic success by providing transportation to and from school and high-quality child care during school hours;
• Support healthy mothers and healthy babies through prenatal/postnatal appointments, infant stimulation, well-child checkups, up-to-date immunizations, and prevention of subsequent childbearing among teenage mothers;
• Help young mothers whose children are at the Career Center learn how to provide a safe, stimulating environment for their child and prepare their child for school readiness;
• Refer students to career counseling and other transitional services so that they can become productive citizens and meet their children’s education, emotional and medical needs.

Our Mission

Teen Parenting
The mission of the Teenage Parenting Programs of Arlington Public Schools is to provide leadership for collaborative, comprehensive services for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Arlington County.
The program does this by addressing the issues of adolescent pregnancy including educational needs, pregnancy prevention, teenage parenting, and healthy families.