Esign Disclosure
By clicking on the "I agree" or "I consent" checkbox, you consent to conduct business with CrossFit 155 electronically by using your electronic signature. You consent to conduct business electronically regarding memberships, purchases, events and all subsequent business.

Technical Requirements
To use this process to open your account(s) and to access and retain electronic records, you will need the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. In general, we support the current and previous versions of these browsers. If you wish to print or keep copies of the records, you must also have access to a printer and/or the ability to
download and store the documents provided.

Paper Copies of Electronic Records
If at any time you wish to obtain a free copy of your electronic signature and consent to open account(s) and enrollment agreement, you may print or email the agreements using the options provided, or contact CrossFit 155 by emailing .

If you do not provide your electronic signature and consent to conduct business electronically, you will not be able to continue registration or other activies online, and must appear at CrossFit 155 facilities to conduct business in person.

In order to communicate with you regarding your account you must provide your email address. It is your responsibility to update CrossFit 155 regarding any changes to your email address.

By electronic signature, you consent to the electronic delivery of all disclosures, agreements, change notices, tax forms, terms and conditions and any other document required during the course of your relationship with CrossFit 155.

Withdrawing Consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent to conduct business electronically. If you select this option, you must appear at CrossFit 155 facilities to conduct business in person and re-sign all relevant documents on paper. To re-enroll, you will need to meet eligibility requirements. Failure to do so will termination future services with CrossFit 155 and no refunds will be awarded. You may withdraw your consent by contacting CrossFit 155 at

You further acknowledge that by accepting this agreement, you will have access to your authorized CrossFit 155 accounts through all electronic means offered by CrossFit 155. You understand and agree that CrossFit 155 may restrict and/or terminate your a ccess to any electronic services at any time where we reasonably deem it necessary to prevent a loss to us; if you do not pay any fee when required; you do not comply with the agreement governing your deposit or loan accounts; or your account(s) are not maintained in good standing. By consenting to this agreement, you understand that you are applying for current and future electronic services that may be offered by CrossFit 155. You agree and understand that if approved for membership, you are contractually liable according to the applicable terms of the CrossFit 155 Account Agreement and Disclosures, the Fee Schedule, and all terms and amendments CrossFit 155 makes from time to time that are incorporated herein.