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REST API Reference

Welcome to the Synchro REST API. We provide language bindings in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Curl, PHP, Perl and Node. In the top right of the screen you can switch languages in the blue header to view code examples.

API Authentication

To authorize, use this code:

Make sure to replace example with your API key.

To authenticate your account when using the Synchro API you will need to include your secret API key in the request. You can manage your API keys in your API Dashboard. Your API keys grant you privileges, so be sure to keep them secret. Do not share your secret API keys on any public network.

Authentication to the API is performed via HTTP Basic Auth. Enter your API key as the basic auth username value. You do not need to provide a password.

Authorization: enterapikey

Update Payable

Retrieve Payable

Query Payables

Create Individual Account

Update Individual Account

Retrieve Individual Account

Query Individual Account

Create Settings

Retrieve Settings

Update Settings


The Synchro API uses the following error codes:

Error Code Meaning
400 Bad Request – Your request is wrong
401 Unauthorized – Your API key is incorrect
403 Forbidden – The request is hidden for administrators only
404 Not Found – The specified request could not be found
405 Method Not Allowed – Your access was made with an invalid method
406 Not Acceptable – You requested a format that isn’t json
410 Gone – The requested action has been removed from our servers
418 Custom Synchro error TBD
429 Too Many Requests – Slow down
500 Internal Server Error – We had a problem with our server, try again
503 Service Unavailable – We’re temporarily offline for maintenance, please try again later.