Unity Web Player | Vibrant City

Made in 48h for Ludum Dare #31 (Dec 2014)

This Ludum Dare I made a game called 'Vibrant City'. In Vibrant City you play as a highly specialized agent of Skyward corporation. Skyward corporation excels in planetary security and has an immaculate track record of keeping interplanetary threats away from its citizens. Recently, once such threat was identified in a nearby city and you have been chosen to go to the city the do the needful. You have been fully equipped with the required gadgets that would allow you to finish your job from the rooftops without even touching the ground. You'll know why :).
Navigate from rooftop to rooftop, protect civilians and save the city from getting turned into a Vibrant City.

WASD (Arrow Keys) : Move player
Left Click: Change rooftops and Takedown enemies
Tab: View game stats
M: Mute music/sfx (I put together some sounds from freesound.org)
Space: for all other interactions in the game