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anshul goyal
I am a programmer. I love making video games. I take pleasure in writing code that involves the latest and richest tech.



UbisoftCurrent Role: Online Programmer @ Ubisoft

Electronic Arts Playfish/Electronic Arts(EA)

FIFA Superstars iOS Trouble Makers iOS RestaurantCity - GourmetEdition iOS

Team/Solo Game Projects

Skippy the Dolphin: Makin' Waves How to Mince Friends and Simmer People DroneRacer
GameRoom Story of My Life Pwrong
Vibrant City No Evil Cyber Terminal
Bad Mood Rising Aquila Devil's Lair
Derelict chainjam game 10Floors
Shotgun Hades Spring Break A Shadow From Beyond
Hjarta CTF-AISandbox CTFU
BananaSamurai NomNomRider TheFall
Fattie's Butterfly Hunt Tetris Clone - Test Project

Academic Writings



HitchWhistler Locemotion GreenMoney

Other Fun Stuff

Managotchi Madlibs 7Days - An interactive photo film
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