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HARRY BRYAN built his first boat at age 10, his first boat that floated at age 12, and his first boat with almost no leaks at age 15. Hand tools bring you in close contact with wood, enabling the user to get to know and work with its grain structure. Often it is more efficient to create these pieces with hand tools than trying to set up a machine that is not appropriate to the job at hand. Students will learn about hardening and tempering tool steel, as well as sawing, filing, and drilling to create precise shapes.
After this fascinating week with Harry Bryan, you’ll feel the direct connection between the craftsman and his work.

Even if I was not even slightly interested in hand tools, he made the course extremely enjoyable. From setting and filing a handsaw, to renewing the edge of a drill bit for cutting steel, we will learn to restore tools rather them toss them aside when they are dull.
His shop, which relies on a small diesel engine and solar panels for its power, emphasizes a growing commitment to pedal power and hand tools (see WoodenBoat No.
You’re encouraged to bring along any old tools that you feel may be candidates for restoring. Each student will be encouraged to make a tool of their own during the week, such as a carving gouge, chisel, boatbuilder’s bevel or pencil divider.

Harry will also discuss where to acquire good tools, how to avoid wasting your money on cheap ones, and how to recognize and restore that jewel covered with the rust of neglect.

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