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Make knock-apart shelves, hinges, latches, books, chairs, cabinets, spice containers, doors, desks, and toolboxes using only wood to hold them together. All of the projects pictured in this instructable were designed and made by me using only hand tools. Pic 45 and 46 show a couple of tool boxes.Pics 47 and 48 show a classic German style clamp I made out of red oak.
If you are using a belt sander or hand sanding it is generally better to sand with the grain. That said, the ultimate smoothness on wood is usually achieved using a finely tuned hand plane with a very sharp blade or a hand scraper or a power thickness planer with a new blade. The precision of your work is impressive and especially so for using hand tools rather than table saws and drill presses. Click the button below to add the HAND CARVED SAWA WOOD HALF MOON EAR GAUGES-PAIR-UP TO 35MM to your wish list. Step 1: Hand Tools and Power ToolsAll of the projects pictured in this instructable were designed and made by me using only hand tools.

It took Chris 160 hours spread over six months to complete the build, which surprised his wife who considered the gift both beautiful and priceless.
At the time, my solar-electric powered workshop had not yet been built and I wanted to see if I could learn to use traditional techniques and tools.
Buying a tool with a dedicated dust port can save hours of time trying to adapt a tool yourself. Chris is certainly talented with his woodwork and a step-by-step video was made to show what it took to build his dining table for those who would like to give it a try.
This instructable details the techniques and tools I have successfully used over the years to do this.So, rather than just showing a single project, I will demonstrate a system of fairly simple woodworking joints that you can use to create your own wood projects. Since then, I have acquired some very impressive battery powered tools that would have made the process go much faster. I made this bookshelf using only your instructions, a couple of chisels, a mallet, a handsaw and a lot of sandpaper.
If you’re a craftsman like Chris (from Chop With Chris fame), you build an incredible dining room table made from reclaimed wood and rough-sawn lumber, cobbled together using nothing but hand tools.

Best of all, all the projects featured here can be entirely made with hand tools (although power tools will make it go faster and easier).Woodworking without metal or glue is of course nothing new. The newer battery powered tools have improved tremendously in power and affordability and I would highly recommend them. Colonial Americans, Japanese woodworkers and even the ancient Egyptians and Chinese developed all kinds of ways to fasten wood together using only the wood itself. You can achieve a very fine finish (good enough for everyone but the ultra purists) using this as the last sander. The top itself was made using several walnut boards with chestnut edges and breadboard ends, which were joined together, sanded to perfection and oiled to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. If you want to build for your children and grandchildren and beyond--you might try using wood-only joinery.Below are a few example of things I have made without glue or metal.

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