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America’s oldest and largest woodworking retailer, Woodcraft Supply, opened a second store in Boston on April 22 at 3 Walpole Park South. The new Walpole store offers an extensive display of quality woodworking equipment and supplies for building cabinets and furniture, woodturning, woodcarving — anything involving working wood. Manager Jerry Klevas has an extensive woodworking background that includes building custom furniture in his own shop prior to joining the Rhode Island Woodcraft store, first as assistant manager and then as manager until the store closed after the owners did not renew their franchise. So be sure to not only check out all that the new store has to offer, but also get to know your knowledgeable Walpole Woodcraft team.

Tommy MacDonald, host of the Boston-based public television show Rough Cut –Woodworking with Tommy Mac, showed up soon after the store opened to present Klevas with a “store warming” gift – a laminated coat rack he made for his season two show. Now our RFC, Scott Dixon kindly refers to Aaron’s title as the Social Media Store Comedian. For information about store hours, location or products, contact the Boston – Walpole store at (508) 668-2413 or visit the store website. This is a great store with a large selection and very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable folks.

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