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WOOD Magazine's Jim Heavey shows you how to squeeze the maximum potential out of your router table with 5 useful tips and techniques. Clear Waste Materials: Do not allow chips to accumulate on your router as this will affect the quality of the cuts.
Secure the Work Piece: This applies to the handheld routers, which are run over the piece being worked on. Routing Profile Edges: You should discern the right order to rout when you are cutting the end edges. Use the dust collection system to remove these chips between the work surface and the router plate.

For excellent results, you should safely move the router in the anticlockwise direction when routing the outer edges. Always observe the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer when using your router.
However, there are those who seem not to get clean cuts irrespective of the type of router they use. Most manufacturers will clearly indicate the speeds that the router can do, which should be followed religiously. Slow speeds may burnish the edges while extremely fast rates may result to rough cuts. Practice with other materials until you master the correct feed rate before routing your final product.

When you are routing the inner frame, move the router clockwise so as to control the rotation of the bit to your advantage.

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