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An LED light table can be used for drawing, tracing, displaying artwork, DIY crafts, and something that is very unique that can be a conversation starter. First find the brightest LED light strips possible and make sure its a kit that contains everything needed. The plexiglass sheet was fitted into place to make sure the sizing was right and everything aligned.
How To Build A Sofa Table – Easy DIY Step By Step Here we have a DIY Sofa Table woodworking project that anyone can build themselves.

Build A Pallet Coffee Table In 4 Hours For $20 Dollars Easy DIY We have all seen the different websites telling us how to build a pallet coffee table. How To Build A Copy Of An Ikea MALM Occasional Table For $35 We recently went looking at furniture at our local Ikea furniture store. Using just a small amount of wood, a 3 or 4 strip LED light kit, and a sheet of frosted plexiglass, you can have a professional looking light table for around $50 dollars. The actual size of your light table will be the exact sizing you choose, the below is just an example of how it is done.

A frosted sheet of plastic is then placed on top and when the lights inside are turned on, the top piece of frosted plastic lights up.

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