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I followed the directions for this project pretty closely and everything went pretty well except I could not find the hardware needed to lock the legs into place so that the desk could hold up the weight of the laptop. Hello, I intrigued with project laptop stand and I was have made this thing according to your way show in this project. I wish I would have realized there were 3 and a half pages of comments before I planned out and built my version.
Now add a third strip so the legs form a Z instead of an L, and you can make it into a standing desk platform on top of your desk.
For those of you that want more adjustability you can make the channel as long as and with as many stop notches as you like!

You mentioned that you didn't have need for it to fold flat, you could skip the channel altogether and put the stop notches on TOP of the rail.
I made mine a little bit too tall for my liking and couldn't get a hold of the adjustable screws this time but next one will be better.
While a method like this is nice because it allows for infinite adjustment, I decided that most likely there would only be need for 2 or 3 positions. And YES it is a little wide but keep in mind that the laptop in the picture is just a baby 13 incher! So far its worked great, I use the 45 degree position for typing and the 30 for playing games.

The flag pole holder can be fully adjusted and locks into place for a wide number of angles.

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