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Is a Mobile Machinery Repair Shop fully equipped with Tools, Welding equipment, Arbor Press, Mill,Lathe and much more.
Serving WoodWorking, MetalWorking and Plastic Working Manufacturing Companies, Companies including moulding, millwork, furniture, doors, windows, and related product lines. I am an independent contracting business,Located in Los Angeles California.Performing jobs at different factories and locations throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. Offering substantial savings over purchasing equipment new, buying used woodwork machinery must be approached with caution. I have the highest concentration for my clients and understand those Factories and other facilities cannot afford breakdowns of industrial machinery.

After paying for repair costs, purchasing equipment that is not in good working condition will often end up being more expensive in the long run than buying tools new. Before buying used equipment, here are the top 5 tips for buying used woodwork machinery.Inspect the Equipment in PersonGreat deals can be found online, but always examine the equipment in person before buying. Never buy used woodworking machinery from a private seller if you cannot inspect the equipment beforehand.Examine the MotorThe motor is the most important, and most expensive, component on any piece of woodworking machinery. Professionally reconditioned equipment should come with a warranty comparable to new machinery.Maintenance RecordsIf buying used woodwork machinery from a professional woodworker or woodworking shop, insist on reviewing service records that will indicate how often the machinery was serviced and any repairs that have been made, including replaced parts. There is a lot of truth to the axiom, "They don’t make them like they used to," and while most new quality tools are made to last a lifetime, many older woodworking power tools were literally built to last forever.

Additionally, if buying used machinery from a weekend woodworker, equipment may not have been used very heavily and still be in like-new condition.For quality CNC machinery and other metalworking tools, Ron Mack can help.

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