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Our most popular classes are focused on building the foundations of woodworking through our 101, 102 and 103 class series.
After researching several different woodworking programs, I decided to give the Chicago School of Woodworking a try.
About usThe Chicago School of Woodworking was established in 2007 to train students in the art of furniture making. In our specialty classes learn how to build a guitar, how to design your own furniture, and unique styles like woodturning. Sign up for coed Chicago woodworking classes at WoodSmyths Chicago and learn the fundamentals of wood and wood furniture building.

All of the necessary class materials are provided and students need only bring their own safety glasses. Those who continue to the second class work on more personalized projects and are assigned more challenging projects.
Under the guidance of the instructor, students are encouraged to stretch and hone their woodworking skills. When you sign up for woodworking classes, you are guaranteed to have a fun time while learning new skills and craftsmanship.
Classes are meant for any adult interested in pursuing wood furniture design and woodworking as a hobby or potential career.

Classes are ideal for those looking to pursue woodworking as a fun hobby or potential career.

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