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Whether it's teens reading to tots, friendly Lego competitions, Zumba for kids, or toddler dance parties, this library's staff knows how to keep kids engaged and happy. Whether you come to Cheshire for an art class and celebrate artistic accomplishments with ice cream, or you're interested in hiking or picking your own fruit, followed by a slice of pizza at Rossini's, one of the many family-owned restaurants in town, you're sure to leave with a happy memory. KEVIN GUTTING">Greg Larson, left, director of the New England School of Architectural Woodworking, works with students Jesse Geary, second from left, of Haydenville, Adam Puzia of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and Beth Paret, right, of Easthampton on Tuesday, September 18, 2012. After a career in the technology sector, including 10 years working for Apple, he decided to explore his interest in woodworking. After meeting the editor through the New England Association of Woodworking Teachers, Greg offered him a tour of the school. While many of the classes offered through The Workbench were already available under the nesaw umbrella, the Larsons say starting a new school will allow them to offer a broader array of courses.
Woodworking workshops through The Workbench are suitable for students of all skill levels, the Larsons say.
That program accepts 12 students for each nine-month session, with classes held on weekday mornings. Congratulations to Executive Director Christine Ermenc, Curator Christina Vida, Bob Van Dyke and the artisans at the woodworking school, and everyone else involved.

The workshop, aimed not only at serious woodworking hobbyists but at anyone interested in historic furniture, will focus on 18th-century Connecticut’s distinct furniture styles, each with its own influences, and how social history, trade patterns and the economy played a role in forming this vibrant, multifacted tradition. The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking has been working with the Windsor Historical Society to furnish the ongoing renovation of the historic Strong Howard House (pictured at left) for an innovative hands-on approach to historical interpretation. The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking is a primary partner in the project, Christina said, and students are now working on a reproduction of a high chest (pictured at top) attributed to Eliphalet Chapin, which is now in the Wadsworth Atheneum. Bob says some students at the woodworking school are in the middle of a year-long class on Chapin high chests, and have been making measured, exact copies of Chapin pieces. Photos via the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking and the Windsor Historical Society. My kids couldn't wait for me to park the car so they could rush out and explore dozens of colorful cartoon cutouts decorating the property. Artsplace is a spacious and colorful environment where nationally-acclaimed instructors teach a variety of classes and workshops (for ages 3 and up) suitable for all skill levels and interests: drawing, watercolor, animation, clay, painting, pottery, pastels, and more. Classes are also offered, such as Terrific Tadpoles for ages 1-3, Awesome Alligators for ages 3-10, and everything in between, including yoga, gymnastics, and Zumba.
But the Larsons say it was their business and technology experience that prepared them to run the New England School of Architectural Woodworking at One Cottage St., which they have owned since 2008.

He also liked NESAW’s community woodworking projects, which focus on large-scale installations for local institutions. This year they started a second school, called The Workbench, which focuses on hobbyist and children’s classes. Rather than fill the house with delicate antiques, the house is furnished with period-appropriate reproductions, many of them created by the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. What you might not know is that for the past decade this former industrial site has housed an interior design paradise that has truly elevated the quality of interior design in Connecticut. Purchase photo reprints »KEVIN GUTTING">Greg Larson, director of the New England School of Architectural Woodworking in Easthampton, offers pointers on tool sharpening to cabinetry students. Enjoy traditional ice cream flavors or house specialties such as Ram Trax, Claude's Cupcake, Mississippi Mud, coffee double chip frozen yogurt, or Pistachio tofutti. My kids gave triple chocolate and Smurf (blue vanilla ice cream with marshmallows) their approval.

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