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You still can make this using four SPDT relays, one for oscillator, one for lamp control and two for auto turn off. A police spokesman of Zaanstrak-Waterland told that the boys have been wokring on the car for a long time, but it’s not suited for the public road.
The Dutch police have a policy of verbally pointing out many things that are wrong, but then just writing you up for the one thing that is easy to prove.

As for if those guys were in the US instead of Nederland,in some states they could get normal registration with the car as it is,with a few additions like parking brake,seat belts,etc. As for the speedometer, mine was broken and I needed a way of knowing how fast I was going. From the photos it appears that the engine only drives one rear wheel, eliminating the need for a differential. As for a speedometer, when mine go bad, I just prop up a little gps unit on my dash and it figures the speed accurately enough to do the job.

No offence but what you say sounds like total Non Sense or you have too much expectations on a fun project that two 17yo guys started in their garage…. The teenagers that built it were pulled over the other night (translated) and cited for driving without a speedometer or side indicator lights.

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