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Guy’s teammate, Pastor Charlie is otherwise known as a tough guy with a tender heart, being a previous prize fighter, now fighting for the community, one life at a time. When I spoke with Guy before releasing this blog, I told him this was turning into more of a blog on Pastor Charlie than its original intent of what Guy is doing.
Guy Bucey is doing his part with Pastor Charlie’s assistance and some help from Woodcraft by giving and guiding these individuals to have better futures. Bucey is an accomplished woodworker, building fine custom furniture while teaching his craft to others.
Many thanks to Guy Bucey, Pastor Charlie, Tommy Mac and Woodcraft for making this world a better place to learn, live, and woodwork. These vintage tools are usually employed in our classic woodwork demos that are often held at fairs and craft shows, but they are also deployed occasionally in the wood restoration process of other furniture and wood items in the museum's various collections.

The museum occasionally presents demonstrations of traditional crafts such as woodworking, blacksmithing and operation of old machinery. Program are teaching woodworking to instill positive work ethics and build moral character in the youth of the area by rebuilding parks, picnic areas, boys and girls clubs, as well as other areas in the Albany community. Rebuilding communities is the main sole objective for Pastor Charlie, not only in New York, but communities in Haiti, supplying education in how to build a fishing business, a woodworking and youth center, building community kitchens, as well as being a major part of the Toys for Tots program.
While growing his home woodshop, Guy is also looking to grow the aspirations of young adults to help them become useful stewards of their communities through woodworking education in Albany, New York. MacDonald of the PBS Show Rough Cut-Woodworking with Tommy Mac, and both have responded to Guy’s aid by giving to the YouthBuild Woodworking Program in the form of donations and tools. This is an example of another genuine woodworker giving back and sharing their livelihood with others.

This spring, Guy will use his expertise in rebuilding the Oakwood Street Park in Albany with the community youth. Guy has been teaching in his home woodshop for the YouthBuild Program, and will continue to do so as he helps build the woodshop at the youth center.

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