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PMC Machinery hosted the Turning Tips & Tricks demonstration meeting of Louisiana's woodturning club known as Bayou Woodturners. Each club member in the Bayou Woodturners group has their own specialty in wood turning to bring to the table, and all club members take value in the knowledge that is displayed and shared in the various facets of the woodworking craft.
Wood turning enthusiast and club member, Andy Leonard, demonstrated his solution for a common wood turning problem, determining where the center of gravity is on an irregular shaped piece of wood. Bowl turning club member, Larry Pickering, displayed his knowledge of carving design guides into bowl blanks while maintaining stability of both the carving tool and the work piece itself. Among all the submissions from the many talented individuals who offered up their works, there was one entry that stood out among the rest and perhaps, also reached very close to home and hearts for many of the individuals attending the meeting. A wooden bowl created by Larry Pickering, was lathe turned and embellished with butterfly inlay designs that were burnished by hand. Selected woodworking projects submitted to the gallery, samples include boxes with lid and finial top, compact mirrors with carved pattern container, and pattern carved boxes without finial on lids.

Members are encouraged to show different styles and techniques for the benefit of the entire group.
A simple yet elegant technique was presented that involved a finishing nail, a few small wood shims, and of course, an irregular shaped piece of wood. A woodturning project named "Hurricane Isaac" was the winner of the first place award based on votes from members inside the Bayou Woodturners Group. Among the usual club business of this meeting, various tips were demonstrated by a few of the group's renowned wood turners along with a gallery of wood turning projects that were placed out for display so that members could judge each one and cast a silent vote to select the project that is "Best in Show".
Demonstrating club members such as Andy Leonard, Larry Pickering and the Club President Cap'n Eddie Castelin, all demonstrated a different woodworking technique they've developed. Hurricane Isaac, as described by the craftsman, was colored based on what weather radars were displaying for the storm's size and rain fall concentration. The gallery voting is part of a competition system that is design to inspire the wood turners to evolve and refine their techniques, while also pushing their imaginations in the pursuit of honing their craft.

The inclusion of so many points of view from the members allows for a very broad spectrum of lathe tricks, wood working nuances, time savers, and equipment modifications. The numbers 30, and 60 adorn the outer frame of the work piece representing the latitude and longitude coordinates of New Orleans, Louisiana while black gobs on the bottom of the frame are representative of the BP Oil Spill tar balls that were washed back ashore from the massive amount of rainfall. Discussed during this demonstration was a small lesson in shop safety on hand positions used to hold onto and stabilize the cutting tool, along with mention of a small modification he made to his carving tool for doing very intricate details.

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