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With our years of experience and passion in both woodturning and woodworking we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service and with the adage of offering great value too.
This is an extremely well engineered, beautifully finished chuck that is operated by a T-handled allen key rather than tommy bars. I bought this chuck for my Fox Proffessional lathe and i think that it is safe to say this was the best decision i have ever made.
The Record Power range of chucks offer exceptional value for money and professional performance, with probably the widest range of accessory jaws available. This advancement means that where you needed three hands to operate a chuck with tommy bars - one to hold the work piece and two to tighten the chuck, you now only require two hands! It is because I feel the wood is secure in the chuck jaws & this makes me more relaxed so I do more. This chuck is reassuringly solid and all the threads and movements are smooth and consistant.

Made from high quality medium tensile steel which gives the chuck greater durability, this chuck is engineered to hold work pieces and bowls etc, up to 500mm in diameter.
A useful addition to this chuck is the on board indexing ring, which is ideal when adding decoration to your work with a drill. SIP woodturning chuck set is a fully functioning 54mm diameter, 4 jaw self centring chuck complete with interchangeable jaw sets and a screw chuck. Excellent chuck had it couple of months now and it works perfectly, highly recommended to anyone.
This chuck has held stock from 10mm to 100mm very securly making it excellent for use when i am turning bowls and pens for the price it is it made my day.
At the price it saves me having to change jaws as its much easier and quicker to change chucks. If youre in the market for a chuck treat yourself to one of these, its just as capable as probably any of its MUCH more expensive competition. I bought this chuck absolutley fantastic I have only had it for 24hours I have turned 2 bowls a minature table & a goblet I have not turned as much before.

The precision machined scroll mechanism offers a smooth jaw movement and the enclosed chuck back prevents the ingress of dust and shavings to give a continually high performance for the life of the chuck. The chuck comes with a set of standard jaws offering an expansion grip of 70mm and a compression grip of 55mm, a wood screw for mounting smaller pieces and a fast action allen key. Just bought this chuck for my axminster lathe, its superb, well made and exellent value for the price, I have had a few things off rutlands now and I find them to be reliable and very helpfull. This precision scroll chuck represents exceptional value for money, is perfectly balanced and will allow for the positive holding and turning of bowls, candlesticks, goblets, boxes and many, many more projects.

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