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To discover if and when the Woodsmith Shop is available in your area, type in your zip code below and click "Find Showtimes". The Woodsmith Shop television show is designed to help you get the most out of your woodworking shop. The Woodsmith Store, located on Hickman Road in Clive (a suburb of Des Moines), serves as a one-stop shopping center for woodworkers providing power tools, hand tools, hardwood lumber, and a myriad of supplies.

This building is part of a campus setting on the west edge of downtown Des Moines that includes another office building next door and a building across Grand Avenue which is home to our woodworking shop, photo studio, fitness center, and auditorium. Every woodworker on the series is an editor with Woodsmith, a nationally circulated, advertising-free magazine with a history of more than thirty years of serving readers.

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