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The innovation, quality, and careful engineering that goes in to manufacturing Woodpecker tools is what makes these tools the best in the industry.
By buying a One-Time Tool, you will own a limited run, precisely machined tool that will make you the envy of all your woodworking friends and a tool that will be used for generations.
Woodpeckers T-Squares were created so that woodworkers could achieve super-precise layouts quickly and easily. Woodpeckers one piece T-Squares have no moving parts to shift out of place like with a combination square.

We had the opportunity to talk with Richard Hummel, President of Woodpeckers® Precision Woodworking Tools and discuss the One-Time Tool Program at the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show 2012.
Check in often for the new tool additions from Woodpeckers One-Time Tool offerings right here at Woodcraft. Each Woodpecker T-Square consists of a precisely machined, laser engraved, aluminum blade perfectly fitted to a solid, billet handle with two support lips to prevent tipping and a perfectly machined edge for true squaring.
Whether working off a factory cut edge or not, the Woodpecker T-Square will help you draw straighter, more accurate parallel lines in less time than you can imagine.

Woodpeckers T-Squares are truly innovative layout tools designed to eliminate the errors you can easily commit by measuring and marking strictly by eye.

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