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Edit: Hanging bikes on the walls isn't an option for me, I'm looking for floor rack designs only. I made a similar rack using a pallet except the pallet is leaned against a wall at about 45 degrees. If you are willing to expand your materials to PVC, I have built 4 racks that are variations of this plan. Like the link, I build mine to custom fit in the back of a truck - allowing it to double as a floor and truck rack. Basically, the key concept for a floor rack is a slot approx the same width as the tire, with a little room to spare for the spokes. Based on your illustration you could find a wooden pallete that is the right size to hold the front wheels of your bikes. I tried making a bike rack like the original poster's sketch, but wasn't satisfied with the result.
This rack (barely) stands up by itself, but becomes stable when you have at least one bike inserted into each side of the rack.
My first bike rack design (see my other answer to this question) was easy to make and held a lot of bikes. Conveniently, I determined that I could hang each of my bikes from a hook screwed into a beam 6 feet off the ground without the bottom tire touching the floor.
Good Idea with the diagonal brace, especially if you trying to build a larger rack that hangs more bikes! This looks good, I bought bike hooks before realising I'm not allowed to drill holes in my apartment walls. Just that it would be nice to add, to the list of lengths of wood you have up there, explanations of what each bit is for, so it's easier for people to plan if they need to resize anything.

The rack system shown is very easy and inexpensive to build, and i believe it is the most compact, tangle-free storage possible for 4 or more bikes.
Just a quick note to thank you for this instructable - the space I have for bikes isn't good for wall hanging, but this at least inspired me to finally hang bikes from the ceiling to get them out of the way a bit. I have been wanting to hang my bike from the ceiling for as long as I can remember and have looked into different systems but am nervous to actually do it becaue I've never actually seen it done with my own eyes. In my building the bike storage room has commercially built hooks to which bikes are hung from the stem (wheels on the outside, the opposite way compared to how you did it).
Implicit in these designs is that what stops the bikes falling is either a third contact on the floor or the thickness of the top longitudinal supports.
I could vary the width of the slots -- we've got everything from cruisers to folding bikes to road bikes. You can find wooden pallets in skips or building sites and if you ask nicely, they're usually free.
The bikes add quite a bit of weight to this thing, so it could begin folding itself a bit over time (although I noticed you had a couple of screws in each corner, which should mitigate this). We now have a nice rack for all four mountain bikes with hangers on the back for our two BMX bikes.
I can put road bikes beside each other, right side up, but the cruisers and mtn bikes have to be alternated.
I used to have 23 bikes (for 2 people) hung in similar double row, but I didn't have as structured as nice. I decided to set mine higher cause I leave mine out in the balcony holding a mountain bike and bmx. I may cut some PVC waste pipe in half and fit this to the walls where the front and rear tyres would sit to protect the wall and keep the bikes inline.

The only thing that I did different was I placed a foam around the hook to have extra cushioning for my wheels, I didnt want them to be scuffed or scratched. Thankfully there are an abundance of space saving bike racks out there just waiting to be installed in your household.
Some of you are lucky enough to have a garage to store your 2 wheeled counterpart, but for the rest of us, we have compiled a list of the 14 best space saving bike racks. We’ve got everything from bookshelves with built-in racks to DIY bike racks for the more hands on individuals out there. However, my other 700c bikes (including a Cross bike with a wider 700x32c tire) appear to fit fine in the top row of hooks with such a tight ceiling clearance.
Check out our favorite bicycle racks below.Hunting Trophies Bike RacksDesigned to replicate typical animal hunting trophies hanging from the walls, these bicycle racks were created by Australia based designer Andreas Schieger. Thomas Stegelmann created this wall mounted bike rack hack using Ikea Kvartal wall fittings (which only cost $4.99 each). This wall mounted pair of hooks are made from natural plain oak wood, and could even be crafted yourself.
It’s available in several different colors, and is also custom made from birch ply and veneer to ensure it fits your specific bike frame. With a small list of items including hooks, spray paint, book tags, wood stain, drill, stud finder, hammer, nails, level, and some measuring tape, you’re ready to rock and roll.

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