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Providing a step, whether single or double, gives your child the freedom and independence to gain access to items or activities otherwise difficult or inaccessible.
As with our other childrens furniture this step is well suited for the structured requirements of a Montessori or Waldorf environment.
I'm working on a photo shoot for Fresh Home magazine (so excited that they have asked me to do another project for their fabulous magazine! I wanted this stool to look well-used and far from perfect, thus the heavy distressing and uneven jigsaw cuts and exposed screws. I have been wanting something like this ever since we've been considering potty training our toddler. I have a very tall bed and a step stool like this with an upholstered top would be soooo lovely. The slots provide hand holds for a toddler to easily manuever this bench or step to any location needed.

It also builds confidence for your child by being involved and able to do activities with grownups or older siblings. I had mentioned back in my yardstick framed kid art that I had a pile of yard sale yardsticks I was saving for a project. It’s almost like he’s been planning that soap thing for weeks, it was so quickly and flawlessly executed!
As for children, just wait he will learn soon enough how much more he can get into with that stool, loved the story as it brought back lots of memories from when mine were little. I already have a very similar wood stool that’s a very ugly shade of green with tomato red flowers on it – ugh! Made with durable baltic birch plywood and predrilled for four quick assembly bolts this step will provide a durable and firm footing or seat for your child. If you haven’t heard of Ana White before, she is a pretty girl from Alaska who just so happens to build awesome stuff and then posts the plans online for free.

I was outside for maybe three minutes, and when I went back inside this is what I found: Elijah had moved the step stool and used it to climb on top of the bathroom vanity. Not only is it ugly, but it is easy for my kids to drag around the house to get into all sorts of things.
They are seriously great and way better than I could do, so to get the plans for building your own step stool go HERE.

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