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Detailed Play Systems wooden swing set plans eliminate the design phase for building your own wooden swing set or fort in the backyard. Learn more about fort swing set plans - preview our Detailed Plans at web page links below.
I know we said we’d be telling you how to build the roof portion of the playset today, but before we did that, we made a few changes to the original design to solve a couple of problems.

You could also pour concrete footers and anchor the posts to them, but it’s a playset designed to hold kids, not a deck needing to hold a hot tub full of water. Our plans make it easy, and we continue to add, improve, and refine our playgrounds and plans to assure that our Detailed Plans are the highest quality swingset plans available on the market today.
And who is a math teacher, and therefore gets forced to write all the lengthy mathy woodworking tutorials on this blog.

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