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For the bottom do the same thing but attach a thin strip of wood to prevent the lids from falling out. They've been the perfect solution for my pot lids; in fact, I just bought a second rack to hold a few more stray lids.
The only drawback is that the racks currently aren't listed on the IKEA website as available. Decoration: Captivating Saucepan Lid Storage With Laminate Flooring And Persian Rug Also Wooden Racks. Mount an ordinary towel rack on the back of the cabinet door and keep your lids in a neat row.

I made mine and only had about $1 in it for the dowel rod and made two sets from small pieces of scrap wood. They slither off pots in cupboards, and get pushed into teetering piles to make way for stacks of pots and pans. The website has been especially erratic lately, though, and I found this rack at IKEA just last weekend. Here’s how to organize your pot and pan lids by creating a simple storage area for them.
They never seem to stay put, and for a long time the storage for my pot lids just drove me batty. Although a towel rack may come with screws you may need to use smaller ones so that you don’t poke through the other side of the cabinet door.

Then I got these incredibly inexpensive little lid racks from IKEA — they're going strong and I love them! The size of the cabinet door will determine the size that the towel rack should be and how many lids you’ll be able to store.

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