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For years, Chef Drew Abbate has been making gingerbread for the holidays using these reproductions of traditional Bohemian wooden molds. Nowhere in the world is there a greater collection of gingerbread recipes than here in the Untied States. Traditional wooden cookie molds were allotted precious space in the packs and trunks of women immigrating to America; it was space wisely allotted as traditional Christmas cookies helped the homesick newcomers feel that America was home.
Gingerbread is still hand shaped and decorated in many bakeries, following the “one pot one bowl” recipes passed down through generations, which are usually fat free and, although the main ingredients of honey, molasses, flour, sugar, eggs and mixed spices remain the same, often nuts, candied citrus fruit, dried fruits and marzipan are added as well as a covering of chocolate instead of icing.

If you look closely at the image below, you can see that some of the mold designs Drew uses actually date back to the 1600’s. Gingerbread bakers, first mentioned in 1335, had their own guild by 1415 and were so highly esteemed that they were provided separate sleeping quarters away from the lowly bakers of ordinary bread. By the mid-15th Century, Bohemia (now known as the Czech Republic) had the strongest gingerbread tradition in Europe with hundreds of gingerbread bakers. Stop in for some freshly baked gingerbread or make your own with this recipe for traditional hard gingerbread.

Wooden picture molds were their prized possessions, and, in fact, the inheritance papers of the wealthiest gingerbread baker in Prague listed 500 carved molds!
Most gingerbread bakers in Bohemia conducted their business in the vicinity of castles and catered to a wealthy clientele.

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