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Post your projects & plansShare your projects and plans with others in the Start Woodworking community. This simple woodworking jig allows you to cut spline slots in the corners of your boxes for stronger, longer-lasting miter joints.
Learn how to build a simple woodworking jig that allows you to cut spline slots in the corners of your boxes.
Perhaps one of the easiest boxes for a beginner woodworker to make is one with mitered corners.

So without further ado, lets get to work building a spline jig and put it to work building beautiful boxes. By the way the 2 jigs that are called out in the plan are great and work much better than just using the miter gage on the saw. You'll notice that the wood facing you in a miter or end grain cut is rather porous (think of a bunch of straws bundled together). An added bonus is that by using wood of a contrasting color, your splines will stand out and add beauty to your project.

Arkansas woodworker Doug Stowe is a big proponent of this technique and his books and articles are a must-read for anyone who wishes to delve into serious box-building.
Simply mount the hardwood runner block into your tablesaw's miter gauge slot, and with the blade raised up a bit so that it will cut right through the assembly, simply run the jig through the blade.

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