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This unfinished wood large tool box kit features a durable, easy-to-carry design for storing and carrying your tools. This pre-cut wooden kit helps to develop fine motor and do-it-yourself skills, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment for any child.
Gerstner now offers two BIY (build it yourself) wood tool chest kits – one with 5 drawers (35A), and another with 7 drawers (35B).
After viewing the assembly instruction videos, it is clear that these aren’t quick assemble-it-yourself kits that you can put together in 5 minutes.

Even though the kit looks to require more user-supplied elbow grease than I would have thought, the result is a USA-made Gerstner tool chest at a fraction of the normal price. Deal: Bosch Colt Router (Single Speed) for $78 Ridgid Black Friday 2015 Tool Deals at Home Depot Special Buy: Ridgid Brushless Hammer Drill & Circular Saw Combo Kit! While following step-by-step instructions, children will learn to sand, nail and glue while building their own toolbox in just about an hour.
If you plan on moving the tool chest around, you’ll probably want to add a handle to the top or sides.

Great for an activity to do at a children's birthday party as party-goers take the toolbox home as the party favor.
The unfinished wooden toolbox can be used as is or finished using paint, stickers or stamps.

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