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You just bought a wood router that is consider a versatile tool in any wood worker’s shop, but without bits, this tool is nothing more than a powerful spinning motor.
You already have all the basic bits that every wood working book on the market has recommend.
There are bits for all types of detailing, cutting slots, creating molding, and notches for joining two pieces of wood together.
The tongue and groove router is a set of 2 bits that helps to create custom tongue and groove hardwood flooring and inlays.The joint is used to fit 2 or more similar objects together edge-to-edge.
Tight miter joints are the trademark of fine wood working and the Lock Miter Bit will cuts these easily to provide a strong mechanical locking action that makes it much easier to clamp.
A beading bit is similar to the round over bit in that it applies a rounded profile to the edge of the wood or stock that is used for decorative purposes.
The keyhole router bit is designed to cut keyhole style slot in either vertical or horizontal for hanging pictures, plaques and other wall hangings. These bit are considered specialized bits for the intermediate to advanced wood worker that wants to take their projects to the next level and add a mark of fine craftsmanship.
Infinity Tools is a worldwide distributor of high quality router bits and router bit sets with headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Specifically for use with Infinity Tools router bits, this page provides instructions for setup and use of the most commonly used Infinity Router Bits.

The first thing you should know before purchasing router bits is that they come in many profiles.Especially the molding bits. I did some research and came up with this list of the top 10 specialized router bits that every intermediate or advanced wood crafter would love to have in their workshop. The fingers have a wedged shape, which when clamped together, helps to close up the joint without any gaps into the ends of two pieces of wood. Many of these bits can be purchased separately or in sets online.The best part about using a wood routers is all the different specialized bit profiles that you can discover and use to make your projects unique.
We offer a large assortment of premium quality router bits and router bit sets backed by a 100% quality guarantee, a knowledgeable customer service staff and same day shipping on in-stock router bits and router bit sets. For a complete listing of all Infinity Cutting Tools Router Bits, please visit the ROUTER BITS page. Not only are there the individual bits, but there are also several router bit sets on the market that range from a 33 piece beginner set to as much as an 88 piece set with a case. In fact there are over a hundred different shapes, sizes and styles of router bits available on the market to select from. Machining parts with the Lock Miter Bit is easy—with the bit height set, one part is cut horizontally on the router table, while the corresponding part is cut vertically.This  bit is ideal for joining drawer boxes, cabinet parts, and for building 4-sided columns. This is a plunge style bit that creates larger diameters, then allows you to rout laterally to create the narrower slot.

The list of the Top Ten Advance Router Bits above are my idea of what should be in a wood crafter’s work shop, but you can agree with me or let me know what router bits you feel are needed for a wood workers shop. We design and engineer premium quality router bits for the professional as well as the weekend woodworker.
Because of all these different bits this makes the wood router one of the most versatile tools you will every own. This bit requires a router table and also comes with bearing that can expanded the sizes of the joints.
Infinity Tools is your direct source for over 2000 professional quality router bits and router bit sets that are in stock and ready to ship today. All of our router bits and router bit sets are guaranteed for life against defect and priced competitively.

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