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From reading Richard Raffan's book on box-making he suggests that 16tpi threads are cut 1.5mm deep, and my first rough attempts on boxwood look ok to me - and just about fitted together!!!
It took me ages to find a supplier of a suitable cutter, mainly because I didn't know what they were called - and to be honest, it is cutting a form of thread more suited to metal than wood, so you do need to remove the very tips of the crests of the threads very carefully with fine grit abrasive to prevent them breaking off.
Having now done some interweb research on thread forms and a quick calculation, it appears that the correct thread depth is actually 0.859mm - pretty close to the 0.8mm which we worked out last night by trial and error!
Initially setting up the jig to cut each thread was a bit fiddly and we had to think hard about which way to turn which knob or handwheel, but some strategic labelling has helped with that and I'm sure it's something that will become familair with use. So far, we have successfully threaded Yew, Holly, Apple and Hazel (from my pile of pre-roughed and dry box blanks we used the slightly defective (ie slightly split or massively distorted) ones as test subjects for threading.

Slightly flattening off the crests of the threads once cut with 400 grit abrasive makes a better looking job and doesn't affect thread function, and the minor shoulder trimming needed to make the grain match is a lot easier than I expected. I'd really prefer a cutter that made a rounded or square crest thread form which is more suited to threads in wood.
He suggests cutting a depth of 1.5mm, which although making a working thread on boxwood is actually cut far too deep leaving sharp crests which crumble away on other woods.
An improvement would be to make the jig stand-alone (ie without the lathe to drive the cutter) with an old router, motor or something driving the cutter at reasonably high speed. Accurate measurements then cutting to hard numbers (rather than to a burnish mark!) is a must if you want to cut both threads to fit correctly first time.

I need to have plenty of suitably sized tenons and matching holow pieces available so I don't have to keep taking the jig on & off the lathe (it it seriously heavy!), or bother folk using one of the other lathes to prepare things for me! Next task (don't laugh) is some of the not so easy to thread woods - ash, birch & maybe sycamore. I'll be soaking the areas to be threaded with sanding sealer tonight though to harden them up!

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