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By checking the chart, pulley combinations and wheels with specified diameters, rpm and sfpm can be obtained.
Polishing plates (fig 82) should be purchased with a two speed arrangement of 1725 and 3450 rpm, or a single speed motor can be adapted for two speeds by installing a two step pulley on the motor, and a single pulley on a polishing arbor. Higher speeds will put a light polish on the metal and also cut a groove quickly with very little pressure. Polishing requires less speed than buffing, therefore motor rpm, pulley arrangements, and polishing wheel sizes should be computed so that the polishing wheel runs as close as possible to 5000 rpm. Excessive amounts applied to the wheel will pile up on the metal surface, causing these areas to remain dull when the compound is scrubbed away; also, excessive pressure or overly slow surface speed on the wheel will cause a pileup of rouge and the same blotchy finish.
Motor speeds should be capable of producing at least 8000 sfpm on the buffing wheel, and at least 5000 sfpm on the polishing wheel.

Many rpm and sfpm combinations can be worked out with various motor speeds and pulley arrangements. If you have a bowl blank on your lathe you might not be able to get over 300-400 rpm without it shaking.
Speeds rated in rpm are used for rotating surfaces that do not change their diameter dimensions, such as shafts, spindles, pulleys, etc. Finer grit abrasive bonded in hard rubber is used to produce a satin finish when operated at medium speeds of 1500 to 2240 rpm.
The motor and arbor setup, both equipped with 2″ pulleys, will produce the basic motor speed. Tapered wood buffs covered with a thin layer of cotton or felt or tapered felt cones are used in conjunction with flat wheel buffs for ring finishing.

Cotton string buffs in different sizes and shapes are adaptable to any buffing and polishing job.Goblet, tapered cone, and cylinderical types with rounded flat or pointed ends are permanently attached to a mandrel that fits into the polishing lathe chuck or the Jacobs chuck attachment on a buffing and polishing arbor and are used with any buffing compound. Small wood laps are used with all polishing compounds to polish square and sharply defined corners. Identical sizes of any dimension, even of 5″ diameter, will still produce the basic motor speed, but the perimeter of the wheel will be traveling a greater number of surface feet per minute.

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