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Be sure to give some thought to the layout of the diamond wood inlay banding prior to adding glue. The woodworker is using a router in this woodworking article to create a recess in mahogany.
The techniques demonstrated by the woodworker in this article are basically just for practice. When using a router to freehand the pattern, it is critically important that the woodworker takes his or her time. A portion of the finish work methods includes applying a small amount of paint thinner to a rag and then applying it to the picture frame. After the sanding sealer has been applied and given time to adequately dry, it is time to perform a light sanding. Vincenzo is a very talented woodworker living in the beautiful Mediterranean town of Mazara del Vallo which is on the west coast of the island of Sicily. This artisan has shared with us a walnut table with drawer that features a beautiful inlay design known as barber pole wood inlay banding.
Vincenzo also shares with us a terrific wood veneer coffee table that he has made in his workshop. Steve from Cairns, Australia sent in a few photos of his woodworking projects featuring wood inlay banding. While there is very little information available on how to make your own wood inlay banding, it can still be accomplished by the woodworker in his or her workshop. Marquetry strips in .040" thickness and standard widths for accenting faces and edges of premium furniture and architecture projects. However, up to now there has been little if any information available on how to make wood inlay banding with the diamond pattern.
For example, it is a good idea to center the wood inlay banding on every side of the picture frame. He is simply testing to develop a strategy for when it becomes time to actually inlay the compass rose veneer. One of the major challenges for the beginning woodworker, intermediate woodworker, or even an experienced longtime woodworker can be the ability to achieve a satisfactory wood finish.

The card scraper gives the woodworker a controlled way of leveling the surface of his woodworking project. The card scraper allows the woodworker to remove thin shavings of wood at this time while eliminating the need for any heavy sanding.
In the case of the woodworker’s picture frame, he chose to apply a coat of sanding sealer to the cherry picture frame. While many people are thrilled to see furniture, jewelry boxes, and pictures frames adorned with wood inlay banding, the truth is, very few woodworkers know how to make their own decorative wood inlay banding. Then the layout lines are cut by using the straight edge from a combination square and scoring the lines with a sharp utility knife. Afterwards, hand tool skills are required as chisels and a mallet are used for the final cutting of the recess. In the woodworking video, the woodworker uses the card scraper to level the decorative wood inlay banding to the surface of the picture frame. This method also provides the woodworker with a great means for applying an even pressure to the picture frame surface. Yes, of course a woodworker can inlay a simple strip of contrasting wood to accent a wood project.
Check out the article A Sicilian Walnut Table with Decorative Wood Inlay Banding to learn more about the art of wood inlay banding.
He has honed his skills of making wood inlay bandings in his woodworking shop to adorn some great woodworking projects.
Notice the stylish Wolf’s Tooth wood inlay banding near the crown of the cabinet that Steve designed. Not only is the woodworker taking thin shavings off of the banding, he is also cleaning up all the glue lines and any excess glue that may be on the surface. The wiping of the woodworking project with paint thinner helps to clean up any sawdust that may remain from the sanding. There is an effective wood inlay banding of olive and walnut that frames the featured center design.

In the photo we can see that Wolf’s tooth inlay banding is featured near the crown and base of  this display case  of Queensland maple. There are also so many wood choices to choose from when creating a wood pattern for inlay banding. These woodworking methods and techniques have been conceived of and developed by The Apprentice and The Journeyman in order to resurrect the lost art of making wood inlay banding in the workshop.
These finish work methods include the use of a card scraper and also the use of sandpaper with a sanding block.
So, let’s look at some examples of wood inlay banding made in the woodworking shop by fellow woodworkers. Steve made this keepsake project for one of his customers and it houses a ship’s barometer and clock, both of brass. This is another great example of a woodworker who has learned the art of wood inlay banding. The small wood segments can fly off of a spinning table saw blade and often times it can be very difficult small segments accurately with the table saw.
How the diamond wood inlay banding is applied is simply up to the imagination of the woodworker.
This is an ideal amount for scraping and then sanding so that both surfaces can become level with one another. In the case of this picture frame, the woodworker continued to prepare the wood surface up to 400 grit sandpaper. If we see any glue stain showing at this time, we still have some more work to do before we apply the wood finish. However, many great wood patterns can be cut more safely on the band saw and that is our focus here.

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