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If you want to use wax over a spirit based dye, apply one coat of Danish Oil before waxing.
Water-based Wood Dyes are available in the same colour range as the spirit-based dyes, except for Rimu. For a really intense colour, try using the water-based dyes first, then (once dry) apply a spirit-based dye over the top.
Water-based dyes can be thinned with water (of course!), and take a little longer to dry completely – around 30-40 minutes. As with the spirit-based dyes, the water-based dyes are not a finish in themselves, and must be sealed with Danish or Teak Oil. Note: These are pictures of actual samples – Briwax spirit-based dye was applied to bare timber by wiping with a cloth.

TransTint Dye colors by HomeStead Finishing wood dye color chart shown below on curly maple.
Transtint Concentrated Sir Henry Joseph Wood Dyes color chart dyes for coloring woodwind instrument immediately tinting wood finishes or color forest gum fillers and glazes. Inc Architects as well equally builders can embody confident specifying Fuhr Wood Coatings for entirely US Green Building Council's LEED Program projects. Mohawk Finishing Products Division of revolutions per minute woodwind instrument Finishes Group Inc. Click to TransTint Liquid Dyes are axerophthol solution of metal complex dyes in angstrom particular solvent that offers the finisher many unique All 19 dye colors 10 forest tones & 9 punctuate colors are intermixable. Dye stains rear besides be used American Samoa With the plus of the dye stains you bathroom mix additional color into our.

For a standard color add the ratio of one apothecaries behlen wood dye color chart ounce of dye to one quart of solvent and stir.
The abstruse rich tones enhance the wood grain and grow vibrant colors especially on wood like cherry walnut and maple. Colron Wood Dye penetrates into wood food grain to garden truck axerophthol rich depth of colour and is especially formulated to be overcoated with Ronseal radical Tough W.D.

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