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Blocks beneath a chest cannot be mined; thus, the player also cannot collect chests by mining the blocks under them. Chests can be seen when using a Spelunker Potion, making finding chests in caves very easy. Since characters keep their inventory through worlds, chests can be used to give new characters high level weapons or other objects.
Empty or not, a chest that is placed on sand or silt will prevent those blocks from falling until it is removed. If you place a chest on Ice spawned by the Ice Rod, place anything in it and leave and reenter the world, you can duplicate any Chest endlessly.

When swinging a 'Very Slow Speed' Sword like Fiery Greatsword and opening a Chest before the swing ends with autopause on you won't be able to obtain the first item in the Chest. On Mobile, sometimes if armor is moved from a chest directly onto the player, the armor disappears completely. On mobile, if you place a chest next to a door then open the door the chest will dupilcate into 2. The Living Wood Chest is a naturally-occurring storage item that can only be found in the underground vertical shafts of Giant Trees. The chest will remain suspended in midair on an Inactive Stone Block; this is probably the only way to have a chest that you can't stand on.

Living Wood Chests often (if not always) contain either a Living Wood Wand, a Leaf Wand, or a Living Loom . You can collect empty Chests with a standard pickaxe, while Chests with any items in them are completely unbreakable.

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