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This is a basic account of how we built a basic sauna on a small budget, including a wood burning sauna stove.
In the corner where the stove sites we screwed fireproof panels, cement particle board, to both sides, as well as a further on to the ceiling above the stove. There are many ways to build a wood burning stove however we decided to base ours around a gas bottle. Before bathing it is VERY important to give a good couple of ladles of steam to the sauna and leave for 20 mins.
It produces very even heating with highly efficient air circulation, and is supplied complete with 40kgs of Genuine Finnish Sauna Stones. If a wood-burning stove is to be fitted into an all-wood sauna cabin, additional measures will usually need to be taken to reduce risk of setting fire to the walls, ceiling, roof, internal fitments or floor.

See Heat Shield for Woodburners and Insulated Chimneys (also below) - these are optional extras, and are not included in the price of the woodburning stove itself. It is entirely at your own risk to pursue such a project and a fire extinguisher to hand (stored outside of the sauna itself), never bathing alone and leaving if you feel dizzy or overheated are essential for safety. This shed based sauna is not designed to give a lifetimes use but ours has been used frequently for a year or so now and has held up and works perfectly adequately. A quick scout around the net revealed a popular choice for DIY wood burners are converted gas bottles, mainly as shed heaters funnily enough. Within a sauna it is the stones which store the heat and onto which water is poured to create steam. On hindsight routing the chimney through the sauna would probably have been more efficient in heating the sauna.

Using our design and build system, to create a unique traditional sauna, is simple and low cost. People with heart conditions or not used to sauna bathing should exercise extreme caution with this type of sauna bathing.
It is worth pointing out at this point that the wood should not be treated in any way, as the heat of the sauna could cause treated wood to smell unpleasant or even give out noxious fumes. Note: all screws in both bench and sauna construction must be well countersunk to ensure lack of contact with naked flesh!!!!!

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