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The Regional Municipality of Wood buffalo (RMWB) in Northern Alberta has experienced rapid population growth.
Wood carving workshops bristol, make floating shelf brackets,reclaimed wood sideboards and buffets. Riverbend Point is in the area identified in the Fringe Area Development Assessment that was adopted by Council as North of The Horse River. A full description of the proposed plan can be had by clicking on the Project Summary link. The Saline Creek Plateau ASP establishes a policy context for the creation of a complete, mixed-use community that provides opportunities to live, work, shop, play and learn.

It sits on a majestic plateau that rises 300 feet above three river valleys, offering spectacular, breathtaking views of the Athabasca, Horse and Hangingstone Rivers that cannot be had from anywhere else. ParioPlan led an interdisciplinary team to develop an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the area. The ASP is currently being circulated to various government agencies, utility companies and the RM of Wood Buffalo departments for review and comment.
Central to the ASP are 11 planning principles and supporting objectives which were informed by the outcomes of a Sustainable Community Design Charette.
Developing a sustainable design concept for the Saline Creek Plateau area was the primary objective of the charette.

Daon achieved a significant milestone in the development of its Riverbend Point lands when it completed the preparation and submission of the Area Structure Plan (ASP). The Saline Creek Plateau is an area adjacent to the southeast edge of the Urban Service Area of Fort McMurray.

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