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Place and fasten the top on – you guessed it – the TOP of the buffet, and the main unit is complete! If you’re like me, there are LOTS of cracks and holes in your buffet, so I went through and puttied EVERYTHING.
Secure a 1?2 to a 1?10 to make one top-side of the buffet, then fasten it to the belly-band, flush with the bottom-side – about a quarter inch inset from the face of the belly-band.

If your hinges aren’t self-closing, consider adding a cleat to the inside of the cabinets with a magnet to keep the doors shut.
This joint is going to support the weight of whatever you keep inside the cabinets of the buffet, so don’t skimp on the fasteners or the glue! With your creativity more, you can change the look of a wine rack that you see in the picture to create a wine rack that is employed by your own.

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