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The aged or driftwood effect of whitewashed wood can be a beautiful asset to your home, and better yet, it's easy to do yourself. Also, the wood you intend to whitewash should be unfinished—not sealed, stained, or painted.
First, cover all areas that require protection from the work with tape, and make sure the wood surface is clean, dust free, and evenly dry.

Apply the whitewash to wood with a sponge brush, working in smooth even strokes and always in the same direction.
Whitewashing can still be applied to treated wood, but different methods and materials will be required for good results. However, if the woodwork is installed or hanging vertically, carefully lay out your drop cloths to protect the surrounding areas and provide easy clean-up.

Then, making sure the size of your work space is within comfortable limits, use a fresh rag to moisten the wood with clean water.

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