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I remember first being mesmerized by the process of wood turning by a manufacturing clip I saw as a child – I think it was through Picture Picture.
The craft of turning on a lathe is one that is incorporated into building furniture, from table legs to turned knobs.
If you get tired of having his platters warp but can not bring yourself to paying for kiln dried platter blanks the solution is to saw the wood scraps into strips, then glue the strips into turning blanks that are beautiful and do not warp. Outside of turning standard wood, you can use your turning skills using different types of wood and non-wood materials.

The conditions the wood is exposed to throughout the drying process remain somewhat constant and allow for minimal degrade. It starts out with loud, jarring vibrations and large flying chips of wood, as I rough out a cylinder from crude cuts of maple. Wood used for fine furniture and cabinetry should initially be dried to 6%-8% moisture content (mc), some woodworkers prefer 5%-6%, and only a kiln of some sort can remove that much moisture.
Come learn the art of turning on a lathe, as we simplify the process and show you how to get started in your own shop turning scrap wood into useful and decorative items.

Wood turning isn’t always as elegant as that first video I saw, but it can produce amazingly precise shapes. Free woodwork plans uk, wood burning wood types,can you build a wood fire in a gas fireplace.

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