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A steel welding table is a basic necessity for any welder's workspace, since welding on a wooden surface can present a very real fire hazard.
Workspace - Protection from SparksBefore you get started on any welding project, it is important that you make sure your work area is free of trash, sawdust, paint, aerosol cans and any other flammable materials.
Safety EquipmentIt is also imperative to make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment and that you're wearing welding friendly clothes. Place one of the legs on the bottom shelf corner and place the top of the leg in the inside corner of the table's top. I'm working on my skills so i can build my table, need to incorporate whatever seems to work best. In addition, with a steel table, the welder's work clamp can be attached to it, and parts placed on the table will be electrically connected with the table's surface.
All of the items, with the exception of the metal plates needed for the shelves, can be found readily available at your local home improvement store. For occasional welding in a large room with good cross-ventilation, natural ventilation may be adequate if you keep your head out of the welding fumes. Welding the two frames for the table top and shelfUsing the square on the outer edge, place one piece of 30-inch angle iron and one piece of 18-inch angle iron together, mitered side down, making sure they are perfectly square.

Attach the welding gun holderWith a clamp, attach the 3-inch length of steel tubing to the right front corner of the top shelf of the table (if right-handed; be sure to switch to the left side if you are left-handed). Stand back, admire your handiwork and start on your next welding projectYou may want to paint the welding table with a rust-resistant paint, but DO NOT PAINT THE TOP OF THE TABLE. This provides the advantage of keeping the work clamp and its cable out of your way while welding. The steel plates can be purchased from a local steel supplier easily found in your local yellow pages. However, be aware that strong drafts directed at the welding arc may blow away the shielding gas and affect the quality of your weld. Check to make sure you completed all welds on both sides of each leg before standing the table on its own weight. Attach it at approximately a 45-degree angle with the front facing up to accommodate holding a welding gun (see photo).
You will want this to remain bare steel so metal parts placed on the table top for welding are in contact with the work. Finally, building your own welding table will allow you to stand upright and place smaller projects at the right height for welding.

In planning your workshop ventilation, it is preferable to use ventilation that pulls fume from the work area rather than blows necessary shielding gas away. Be sure you are properly insulated from live electrical parts, such as the electrode and the welding table when the work clamp is attached.
Attach the work clamp to a piece of scrap steel and lay it on top of the table (see photo).
Check the reference chart on the inside of the door of the welder to ensure you are using the right settings for the thickness of steel you are about to weld (standard on most Lincoln Electric compact wire feed welders). Place one lock washer on each caster stem and thread the stem into the coupler nut attached to the table leg. These important safety features reduces your risk of electric shock during any welding project.

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