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You may find that your wood floor has been sanded to many times in the past, and now is too thin to be sanded again. This job was to refinish the floor area called the sanctuary and the choir stall floors, about 600 sq. I was the only flooring contractor who suggested the floors be chemically stripped instead.
The first time I refinished our floors, it was several years ago when we were painting the office and dining room.
The Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner did a fabulous job of cleaning the floor without damaging them. Fast forward to this past week when Bona asked me to write a sponsored post for them, I jumped for joy because I already use and love the Bona® Hardwood Floor Products! The first thing you notice as you walk in the door is the amount of beautiful wood, molding and character in their home. In order to have enough wood, I had to buy some new pine boards off the shelf at Lowe’s. When choosing the direction to run the boards, I had to look under the house from our crawl space to see which direction the floor joists ran. Well, at first we were so scared of ruining our beautiful wood floors that we almost paid a professional to come finish them for us.
Buy the most expensive floor finishing system they have (it will last much longer than a cheap polyurethane.) We used ProFinisher Water-Based Floor Polyurethane. I should note that it took another few hours to cut, install, and paint the quarter round molding to hide the edges of the floor. Back at home, I removed all the nails leftover from the particle board and swept and vacuumed the floor. 3 Days of scraping, prying and pulling left a dirty floor and a dirty Pretty Handy Girl and Pretty Handsome Guy. Next we sent the lumber off with our handyman, who safely removed all the lead paint from the one side of the wood.
Go over the whole floor and set all nails below the surface of the wood, but don't fill them.
Wait about another 15 minutes and this time use a good quality filling knife to work the stripper without scratching the wood. There will still be some residual stripper left and I do a final scrubbing of the floor with nylon rubbing pads. When the floor is dry it should be quite a bit lighter in color unless it was previously stained. If the floor has darkened with age I sometimes apply a medium dark stain to the floor that helps even out the overall color. I decided to try to refinish the floors because the rooms were already devoid of furniture.

Instead I’ll be over at Remodelaholic sharing our Antique Heart Pine flooring in our living room. We wanted our wood floor to run at a 90 degree angle (or perpendicular) to the joist direction.
But, Mark Kegler (the guy who planed the wood for us) reassured me that I could definitely do it myself.
These were floor boards from the second floor of a farm house, the owners had painted their exposed ceilings (the undersides of the floor boards!) Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to plane the wood (even the tops and bottoms of boards by shaving), since the wax used to finish the floors 100 years ago kept gumming up his planer. He and his father were so wonderful and gave me many tips and words of encouragement since this was my first time installing wood floors. This article will show you how to use safe, but effective chemicals, to refinish your wood floors. The organ pipes were right above this and if the floors were to be sanded and finished the pipes would have to be covered, at great cost. My experience with woodwork stripping included doing about 4 months of work for a friend spaced over several years.
I soak the floor a small section at a time and scrub with a clean pad, turn over the pad and keep scrubbing until the area comes clean. I soak the whole area I'm working on and roll out the towels to absorb the mineral spirits as they lay flat on the floor. If the scratches don't go all the way through to the wood, you can scuff-sand your floors with a buffer and apply a fresh coat or two of finish.
Several neighbors had recommended Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish. You can’t weatherstrip the damper (that would be a fire hazard), so I decided to build a rustic reclaimed wood fireplace insert to stop the draft. I had never actually used a floor nailer (although my Dad has pictures to prove otherwise).
You CANNOT nail a floor into this stuff (unless you want your floor to bow and squeak, don’t do it!) We used a long digging bar (see below) to get some leverage under the under-layment.
They planed the wood and put new tongue and groove on the boards, which I know helped my installation process tremendously!
Even covering the pipes would not assure their safety from the sanding dust, and the estimated cost for cleaning the would run into the many thousands of dollars. This is the proper tool for the job and it will not scratch the wood like an ordinary putty knife will. All this solvent may have raised the grain a bit giving the floor a rough hairy appearance.
Use odorless mineral spirits instead of regular paint thinner to remove Citristrip from the floor as this low odor varsol or naphtha (as it's also called) is a bit less toxic to breathe.
I found that they had the least tendency to scratch the bare wood surface, even when working against the grain.

The process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. I was skeptical, but the results were beautiful floors that had luster, but still showed their beautiful age. And yes, I probably would have blogged about my experiences using Bona® Hardwood Floor Products at some point anyway. We wanted to try to keep the integrity of the house when we added wood floors in the living room, so I had spent hours scouring the web to find a source for wide plank heart pine flooring.
These are abrasive enough to assist in the final removal but won't scratch the wood, and will absorb most of the remaining stripper. You will know when all the goop is off the floor when your white paper towels come wet but clean. This can be easily removed with a gentle sanding by hand (try a drywall pole sander) or if you have a large area you can rent a floor buffer and with a 100 grit screen disk polish the surface smooth again. We had saved a piece of history and preserved wood that few will see in today’s lumber industry. I don't touch the pad because I have a handle that has little knobbies that keep it in place while I scrub the floor vigorously with the grain of the wood. And don't smoke or strike a match around this solvent laden floor, else you will have no floor and no house. Let these stains dry and apply 3 coats of polyurethane (oil based) finish scuff sanding and cleaning between coats. Worth every penny I’m sure, but unless we won the lottery, those floors were going to have to wait.
By now you should be feeling the bare wood beneath your filling knife and not the slippery top of the left over finish. You will know by doing the test patch if you have to repeat this process and have some prediction as to the amount of stripper it will take to get to the bare wood.
It's typical to use 6 rolls to mop up each 100 square feet of floor, so look for them on sale a couple of weeks before you do the job, and buy more than you think you need. As I was the only viable proposal, I won the contract to strip and finish the floor with 4 coats of polyurethane. With either finish, I recommend a fresh coat every two years or whenever the floor looks worn.
For the average floor finish removal, a gallon of Citris Strip ® will do only about 100-sq. And as of this writing I have chemically stripped over 5,000 square feet of hardwood floor.

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