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You’re obviously not going to stop collecting more books than you have space for, so why not store them on something that adapts to your needs. All throughout your home or office this little guy and his friends serve as bookshelves, benches, stools, magazine racks or bookends. That’s why you don’t let any square feet go to waste, even your ceiling works for you! With curving and curly detail applied on the wall, the unique worm book shelves look stylish installed in the living room.

I have to agree not nearly large enough for the number of books that people that really read need!
Traditional rule of thumb for benches carpentry Project theme project to Build Adirondack Chair.
Let your collection stand out with this unique piece of furniture that quickly becomes the focal point of any room.
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The Bed Case creates a very likable and attractive solution for space management in a small apartment. In this article, we offers several unique and creative book shelf designs which can be great inspiration for your home interior decor ideas.

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