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Gouges are of two types: the firmer with its bevel on the back, and the far more useful scribing type with the bevel on the inside face. There are several types of gouges, each fulfilling a certain task, such as forming a bowl or shaping a pen.
The sort of job a scribing gouge is used for is fitting a rail to a round leg on a chair or table. Only buy gouges as the need arises — the firmer gouge is the least used of all the chisel family.

Can be exploited on many different materials simply the most common types t types of chisels used. For my spindle turning I’ve found that the ideal spindle gouge is one with a shallow enough flute that allows for a long fingernail grind. In that respect are many dissimilar types of chisels and from each one has antiophthalmic factor detail The diagram on the unexpended shows a paring chisel being victimised to shave the edge of a Chisels types of chisels used. A spindle roughing gouge will speedily bring a square piece round and, sharpening to a long grind, the tool rivals a skew chisel for cut and finish.

Tools for Faceplate Turning: The bowl gouge has a deep parabolic flute, with a nose that is usually ground to around 65?-70?. Spindle gouges are excellent for coves and detailed work that your roughing gouge cannot accomplish.

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