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Special thanks to Tamara for her hard work - this bed is a huge project, and she put a tremendous amount of work into it! A huge THANKS goes out to Ana for once again drawing up some plans that were easy to follow and gave me exactly what I wanted for my son's bed. The extra storage would be amazing, but I know they would both no doubt pull out the drawers and use them as steps.
I've been so good at only working on one project at a time this past year, but with Grace's new bed, I just go stuck. I have been wanting to create a bedroom storage system that can easily be arranged in a variety of ways to create anything from a reading bench to a twin storage bed to a full bed to even a storage daybed. And for those of you who do not like the exposed bench feet under the bed, I encourage you to take a better look at this bed . This is really nice if the bed can sit away from the wall on both sides, but if your room configuration requires that only one side is facing out this seems to be a lot of unnecessary lumber and labor to build the box that will be hidden against the wall.

We're going to try and build a bed a year as a fund raiser for a local non-profit to help foster and adoptive kids.  This would be perfect!  Beautiful.
Ana, I would really like to see your plan for a basic workbench to build all your awesome plans. Between babies being born (my sister's), trips, kayaking, sailing and entertaining my little dudes, this bed took me a lot longer to finish than I had expected. I attached mine underneath the drawer boxes flush to the back side and flush with the end that attaches to the headboard. I don't know what the heck my son does all night but his mattress (on a flat base) always shimmies down through the night -a slightly higher footboard would keep it in place. I have been trying to figure out how to make a twin storage bed out of 1*12's instead of ply wood and this is exactly that.
Unfortunatly there room is too small to add the corner hutch, so we'll just have the two beds.

BUT, I will say that when get ready to build bed #2 for my youngest son, I will approach things with a little more 'know-how'. I knew I wanted to have lots of storage because my boys are sharing a room and these will serve as their beds and their dressers.
Position the drawers on either the right or left side of the bed, depending on the layout of your room. There is 6 drawers to each side, and for now I have one side up against the wall that I use as storage for things we only use a couple times a year.

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