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Please contact us for your TV Cabinet design, our experience designers are ready to help you to build up a beautiful and functioning TV cabinet for your living room.
Please contact us for the design and manufacture of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and TV Cabinet. There are other ways to also decorate your living room, such as to hang some wall paintings or having some wall papers stick onto your wall.
You can also do without a display cabinet, which will take up some space, and have your walls within your living room to have built-in wall furniture with display functions. There is a lot of TV cabinet design in the market such as wall mounted TV Cabinets, floor standing TV Cabinet, and ETC.
If you are choosing a wall mount TV Cabinet, the material that you are using are very important.
This TV cabinet design is look modern, we install this TV cabinet in a condominium at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Our service area including Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley (from Port Klang to Ampang), Malaysia.

One of the wonders that you can do onto your built-in wall furniture is creative lighting to further live up the ambience.
But no matter what type of TV Cabinet you want, InteriorXpert also can provide the best TV cabinet that suit your taste.
If you are a practical person but enjoy movies, you might want to custom make a TV wall panel with hidden cabinets, thus replacing a common CD rack. Such a TV wall panel with hidden cabinets not only is able to create additional space in your living room and keep your CDs and DVDs out of the dust, but it also keeps your living room neat and tidy.
Some owner chooses to use a cheap & skin wood to make their TV cabinet in order to save cost.
To install a wall-hanging TV screen in your living room, it is necessary to have a built-in TV wall panel to hold your television screen. However, they will spend more on building another TV cabinet because the cheap TV cabinet are not strong enough to hang the TV.
Not to mention that you will also need a cabinet to place your Astro decoder and DVD player.

While a ready-made display cabinet might serve its purpose, it can be another dull and boring cabinet sitting in your living room.
Instead of having a dull TV cabinet, a well-designed built-in TV cabinet can transform your living room and keep your wires, cables as well as magazines well hidden. While the modern concept of design is to create space, a creative feature wall extended from a pillar within your house will totally beautify your house. You can have a simple modern wall panel with LED lighting behind the wall panel itself for an elegant living room, or a 3D wall panel to make your living room livelier.

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