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This popularity of wood texture is rooted in the fact that since time immemorial, wood has been a primary construction material. It was only when man acquired the technology to mass produce concrete and steel that the use of wood dwindled. That is why in architecture and interior design of courtrooms, museums, churches and even private homes,  wood especially the hard ones, are used intensively to evoke the feeling of timelessness, unchanging devotion, and passion.

They tend to be impersonal, unlike wood that was once a living thing just like humans.For these reasons, wood texture is precisely suited to be used in websites wanting to have a more personal touch to their audience. With creativity, right blending and good habits, one can create a number of beautiful designs using wood patterns.
Needless to say, wood is one of the textures commonly used by web designers and graphic artists.

Whatever web design it may be, wood certainly can be used if the artist so desires based on its applicability.Because finding a good wood texture is not easy, we decided to share with you 220+ beautiful high resolution wood textures that you can use in your work.

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