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Use a good quality square on a flat surface (granite surface plate or your table saw top will work here) to zero the tool. If you use a square to align the blade, you need to bend over in front of the saw and squint for light in between the blade and the square or use feeler gauges (either way this method is a PITA). I have a Biesemeyer fence which is not consistantly square to the tablesaw's table - it has a slightly wavy surface.
Perhaps the easiest way to cut this common woodworking joint is at the tablesaw using a tenoning jig that rides atop a typical Biesemeyer-style rip fence.

Fine Woodworking magazine featured plans for a wonderful shop-made jig several years ago, but since it was made of phenolic plywood, it was rather expensive to construct. The toggle clamps used on this jig are an invaluable addition to any jig-maker’s box of tricks. Assemble the Jig with Screws: With the jig clamped into place, assemble the jig using countersunk screws.
Follow along as I show you how to build a jig that yields square, smooth joinery, straight off the tablesaw.

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