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Mark the screw hole locations, drill pilot holes, and attach the lid support to the jig arm and the body. Tapers are a classic way to reduce the proportions of table legs for a more slender, delicate look. Step 3: Cut a straight, flat piece of scrap that will serve as back-up support behind the leg.
Step 5: Make two mounting blocks for the toggle clamps from scrap that matches the thickness of the leg. Variation: If your leg requires tapering on two faces, simply tape the cutoff piece back in place, and flip the leg in the jig so the offcut face is up. Step 8: Now run the tapered faces over your jointer to remove the blade marks (see Photo 9), and scrape or sand them smooth.

Starting at the end opposite the hole you just drilled, rip the jig arm on center, stopping 2" from the hole.
Position the hinge, mark the screw hole locations, drill pilot holes, and fasten the hinge to the jig arm and body. Clamp the leg to the jig base and to your bench so the taper line aligns with the edge of the base (see Photo 2).
Be sure to hang this jig on the shop wall where it’s easy to find and modify the next time you need it. I previously wrote about my method of using the jigsaw and band saw for this process.  To me this is the safest, most convenient and economical way to do this. Now, spread glue on the dowel and on the bottom side of the handle, and glue the handle to the jig body.

Set the support against the leg, and fasten it to the base with a few countersunk wood screws (see Photo 3). Hold the jig against the rip fence, and adjust the fence so the edge of the jig is flush with the inside edges of the blade teeth (see Photo 6).
Then adjust the rubber bumpers on the clamps so they press firmly against the leg when locked down (see Photo 5).
The clamps keep workpieces securely locked down during cutting, and you can tailor the jig to cut the exact taper you need.

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