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A partir del montaje, vuestra referencia por el ciclo de vida completo de los productos Storti. Spare parts, technical assistance supplied remotely or at customer's plant, reconditioning of second-hand machines. It develops Flex system to produce small runs efficiently thanks to fast changeover, and the Storti small log processing gives versatility to an Italian pallet company. It develops Flex system to produce small runs efficiently thanks to fast changeoverMotta Baluffi, Italy – From logs to lumber to finished pallets, Storti offers the most complete lines of equipment serving the needs of the pallet industry.

Marco commented, “We chose Storti because it is a leader in the wooden packaging industry in terms of care and professionalism. This software loads the order (all pallet specifications and number of each pallet size to be produced) onto the machine automatically creating a pallet drawing for each pallet ordered that will be followed by the nailer.
Casolla said, “It may take three minutes to load the order information from the office, one minute to setup the nailer which changes automatically and a few minutes to load the wood onto the machine depending on the number of pallets to produce.
From producing its own electric panels to multiple checks for quality and consistency, every machine arrives at a customer location in prime condition.

Cucciari said, “We can make almost anything you need for a pallet machine from automatic lumber feeders to fast changeover to nailing large size pallets to specialty paint booths or monitoring.

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